Our History

Who is Nea Zoe Church?

Nea Zoe Church (NZC) began on February 18, 2008 originally as New Life Church of Connecticut.   The name New Life was changed to Nea Zoe a few years later to reflect the original language of the new testament of the bible, Greek.

NZC was started because of a love for God and a desire to help others discover their new lives in Christ.  The first service began in the basement of Pastor Paul and Brenda’s home with the support of a handful of members. Within six months, the church moved to Waterbury, Connecticut where it has been since.  

Within our logo you will find three important words we try to focus our walk on, Faith, Passion, and Purpose. We must have faith in God to guide us through the path he set before us.  We must have passion to help others discover their new lives in Christ and we must push forward with purpose serving God's mission.