Additional Information

1. Why is the church named Nea Zoe? 

Nea Zoe Church was originally established as New Life Church of CT.  In order to distinguish ourselves from other New Life Churches in CT, we translated New Life to Nea Zoe in Greek. Greek is the original language of the Bible's New Testament.  

2. Are you a Greek church?

While our name is Greek, we are not a Greek church.

3. Are you a bilingual church?

Our services are done in English.  However, we do have bilingual leaders and members who speak Spanish and are able to communicate with Spanish speaking guests.

4. Where are you located?

We are located on the east side of Waterbury, CT, 06705 at 424 Southmayd Rd.  The crossroad is homestead avenue. We are housed within the Mill Plain Union Church building.

5. What is your denomination? 

We consider ourselves to be non-denominational.  

6. What does non-denominational mean?

Non-denominational means that as a church, while we share common beliefs with the Christian church as a whole, we do not focus on rituals or traditional practices.  Our focus is on the entire word of God.  

7. What time does your service start?

Worship begins at 12:00pm with the sermon following typically at 12:30p.  Service usually ends around 1:30p.

8. Do you have a children's ministry?

Yes we do.  Children ages 3-12 gather in the children's room after worship (12:30p) where they partake in arts and crafts geared to teach about the bible.  

9. Do I have to register my child to attend Children's ministry?

Yes, children must be registered prior to attending Children's ministry.  Children can be registered on our website, or at the time you come in.  When you come in, prior to attending service, the teacher's assistant will grab your information at the entrance to the children's room.  

10. Do you have a youth ministry?

At the moment we have a youth group geared to young men ages 13+.  The Gentlemen of God club meet every other week to fellowship and go out once a month to a special activity.  For exact dates, please visit our Calendar of Events.

11. Do you have bible study classes?

We have a couple of bible study classes right now.  Every Wednesday we have bible study classes from  7:00p-8:00p.  Thursdays we have a Spanish home cell group from 7:30p-8:30p (contact us for more info).  Then we have course based classes that are a few weeks at a time, such as our Intercessory Prayer course on selected Saturdays.  You can view our Calendar of Events page for exact dates and times.  

12. Do you have any family activities?

Yes! Please check out our calendar of events as we update it with fun family events throughout the year. 

-Do you have a question not yet listed? 

Please feel free to email us at NewLife@NeaZoeChurch.org